Sustainable Development in Environmental Dimension

Sustainable Development in Environmental Dimension

Resources from all sectors of the business for sustainable benefits of society

Mr. Kiat Wattanavekin, founder of Kiatnakin Bank, has laid the foundation for the Bank's social responsibility as follows:

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Business Policies Focusing on Promoting Environmental Conservation

  • Develop financial products that promote environmental conservation.
  • It is the policy of the Financial Group to assess environmental impact in every product and work process.
  • Set the core credit policy under the Bank's business policy.
  • Criteria for lending and approving property business loans must reflect environmental protection.
  • Create a database of alternative technologies and materials for customers to replace the use of wood in construction.
  • Promote the use of solar cell technology among operators.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Loan Campaign

"Alternative Fuel Vehicle Loan Campaign" with special interest rates for customers interested in using electric vehicles.

  • Loans for eco-friendly businesses.
  • Internet Data Center Project to collect data through a cloud system, reducing the use of paper and environmental damage.
  • Sewage and waste management businesses that operate systematically and meet the standards of the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry.
  • Industrial wastewater management businesses.

Pollution Reduction

  • Adopt a policy requiring all 310 vehicles of the Bank that can support alternative fuel to switch to gasohol since 2012 to reduce air pollution by 20-25%.
  • Adopt a policy to build a photocopying room with a ventilation system to reduce pollution for employees.
  • Use environmentally-friendly toner to print all documents within the office.
  • Use papers with SCG Eco Value mark.
  • Create office environment that is safe for employees' health.
  • Provide shuttle service for employees and communities in the Asok area between the BTS Asok station and KKP Tower (13 hours/day with an average of 200 passengers/day).
  • New Year's gift for customers made from green materials.

Paperless Working System

  • Photocopying paper reduction project.
  • Improve the meeting system by using a digital information retrieval system in the committee meetings.

Energy Efficiency

  • Achieve the LEED green building standard by 2020.
  • Eco-friendly uniforms.
  • 60 Earth Hour 2018 to turn off electric lights for one hour to reduce global warming.
  • Computer and passbook printer replacement.

Global Warming Mitigation

Energy Conservation Awareness and Resource Consumption Reduction

Save Energy @ Kiatnakin Bank for the 12th consecutive year