Phatra Securities Public Company Limited

Kiatnakin Phatra Public Company Limited

Kiatnakin Phatra Public Company Limited  was established in1997 and is one of the industry leaders in investment banking and brokerage service for institutional investors. Phatra Securities holds licenses from the Ministry of Finance tooperate eight types of securities businesses: brokerage, dealer, underwriter, securities borrowing and lending, investment advisory, private fund management, mutual-fund management and venture capital. In addition, Phatra Securities has also been approved bythe Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (“SEC”)tooperate 4 derivatives businesses, namely brokerage, dealer, derivatives advisor and fund manager and is a member of the Thailand Futures Exchange Public Company Limited. Moreover, it has been registered as a Financial Advisor Type A with the Ministry of Finance, and financial advisor with the SEC. Since 2003, to strengthen and augment services at international level,Phatra Securities has also established partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the areas of research, securities brokerage agency, and investment banking.


On 13 September2012,Phatra Capital Public Company Limited which wholly owns Phatra Securities completeda merger with Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Public Company Limited to form “KiatnakinPhatra Financial Group”. It aims to integrate expertise in commercial bank and capital market business to attain excellence in the area of financial service for the benefits of customers, employees, shareholders, as well as contributing to the development of the country’s financial market and economy.


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