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KKP Savvy

KKP Savvy
  • 1 Mar 2021
  • 1,303,165

Main condition

  • This product is offered to only (1) individual Thai nationals with minimum age of 15 years old. The applicant must have National ID Card (Smart Card) and qualifications set forth in product conditions. 
  • The name of the account can only bear one individual name. Joint account is not allowed. One individual is allowed to open one account. 
  • The applicant must have an email address in order to receive the image card to perform financial transactions as well as monthly e-statement.  The applicant must register KKP e-Banking to open the account and perform financial transactions. 

The applicant can open the account through KKP Mobile application during 06.00am-10.00pm. The application will use NDID service (for customer identification and verification purposes) with the bank that the applicant has registered. The applicant can also use AIS Smart Kiosk for customer identification and verification. Please check the Kiosk service point at https://kkpbank.com/2CU0T

Terms and conditions for deposits/withdrawals/transfers and other terms and conditions.

  • Transactions of KKP Savvy are available through the following channels:   

            (1) KKP Mobile Application          

  • Account opening 
  • Fund transfers, including payment of goods and services 
  • Other transactions as provided by the bank 

             (2) KKP branches                                              

  • Cash deposits / withdrawals / fund transfers 
  • Subscription of other services (subject to conditions). This product cannot be used as collateral for lending product 
  • Account closing  
  • Other services as provided by the bank 
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